I Finally Sold My House In Arbutus MD


Hooray! I finally did it! I sold that ugly house of mine! You know, that one my father left me five years ago. The one I’ve been complaining about for the past 5 years. The one with the leaky roof, the nightmare tenants, the angry neighbor, and the kitchen fire. I was done dealing with the house and I decided that I needed to sell fast and I needed to sell for cash. I sold to a We Buy Houses company and it felt great.

It all started with a yellow postcard I received in the mail. It was a Tuesday evening and it was between a BGE bill and a local newsletter. It read in big letters, “We Buy Houses Fast in as little as 7 days!” At first I was hesitant. How can a company buy my Baltimore house in 7 days? I jumped onto their website and started my research. They had articles on how they make fair offers and how they can help with foreclosure. They were expert local Baltimore professionals who really understood the neighborhoods and were exactly what I was looking for in a We Buy Houses company. The We Buy Houses Baltimore company was called Dependable Homebuyers and they did a great job.

After speaking with Evan I was impressed by his knowledge of Baltimore real estate. He genuinely wanted to help me with my problem house. He was able to provide me a fair offer over the phone on my terms so I could sell my house fast. We set up a time for him to see the house and the process was started!

When Evan arrived at my house in Baltimore we went right to walking through the property. He was upbeat, highly encouraging, and transparent. We started laying out his version for the property. How he was going to open up the main floor, upgrade the heating system, and replace the roof. These were all the things I had always wanted to do but never had the time. While I was relieved that I was going to be selling my Baltimore house fast, I was excited by Evan’s plan to turn the property around.

We signed the paperwork and Evan had his title company contact me that same day. They were very helpful and answered all of my home selling questions. They understood the benefits of selling off-market and gave a lot of praise for the We Buy Houses process.

Closing was a breeze. While I was happy with the amount of money I walked away with, the biggest relief was having the property off my hands. I distrusted We Buy Houses companies in the beginning, Dependable Homebuyers really impressed me and made it an easy transaction. I highly recommend you contact them if you’re looking to sell before fall.

Dependable Homebuyers even helped me move out my father’s war memorabilia collection from the attic once it was sold. They told me that they always make fair offers and can buy on the seller’s terms. They have to buy at a discount in order to make a profit but I found their offer fair. To be honest I walked away with more money than I would have it I had listed with a real estate agent.


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